The Announcement From Gigabyte- Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboard, Citing PCI-E Gen 4 Issue

Just a couple of days before it was officially announced by the company GIGABYTE that it is offering users an RMA replacement service.

This recently announced RMA replacement service will only be provided to the users who have recently purchased one of the company’s key mini ITC models of processors for the latest Intel’s 12th generation core series processor that is the Z690I Aorus Ultra. 

There is a reason behind the company’s decision of giving all the users who purchased this particular Z690I Aorus Ultra. And we are going to talk about that further in the content.

The reason behind the RMA replacement service

Since the launch of the Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboards, there have been several complaints about the particular device.

The most common among the complaints is that the users of this device have been facing some kind of compatibility issues with servers devices or other accessories which should not be facing any sort of problem. 

There are also reports that the system is crashing for many users while they were using this particular device with PCIe 4.0 graphic cards on the Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboard’s only full-length slot. 

This has led the company to offer a special kind of replacement service to specific users in this device they will be providing a new Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboard with the issue about the PCIe 4.0 graphic card fixed.

So, this WHEA error which is the windows hardware error architecture is the main reason behind the company addressing the problem faced by a vast number of users. And they are going to solve the issue by giving a new board. 

At least that is what the company has announced on the official website about the services. The announcement addressed all these problems faced and mentioned that as the device is not working as it was intended to do so they are going to provide this service.

Who are eligible for getting these services of RMA replacement?

This special program which is the RMA replacement services announced by GIGABYTE is to be provided to specific kinds of users. These services are provided to the users who have purchased this specific board of both DDR4 and DDR5 variants. 

Only the purchases should have been done from no third-party retail stores or retailers such as Micro Center. As per the official statement of the company GIGABYTE, this special program will be active till the 30th or the month of November in the year 2022. 

Until this time crosses the users of this particular board can request a refund or a replacement of the board as per their wish.

There are some terms and conditions such as the users should have a valid serial number of their product and having to show details of the purchase. Once these are verified then they will be eligible to get this particular service.

So, if any issues occur regarding Z690I Aorus Ultra Motherboards, you can contact the company.

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