The Tunic is Coming Back To PlayStation In September

Finally, the greatest news for people who love independent games. The tunic is finally making its path into the Sony machines. It was revealed by the developers of the game that they were planning on making a release of the game for players of PlayStation as well. 

The confirmation has already come from the developers. The game is going to be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and the date is the 27th of September 2022. It was previously released for PC gamers and also people who use Xbox Consoles in March 2022. 

It had received near-unanimous feedback from the critics and from the professional gamers it received mixed reviews. Despite that many people were eagerly waiting for the release of the game on PlayStation and now it has finally come.

Why is the hype around this game so much?

To understand this you need to know about the plot of this game. This is an isometric action game. The character the players will be playing is a small fox. The fox has gone on a big adventure on its own. 

The fox has landed in a land which is full of lost legends, the story of legends, filled with treasure, and with all these things come in the way are the ferocious monsters. Now the fox that is you will be exploring this land with rewards but filled with danger. 

Is that not exciting? 

Think about you stuck in a ruined land and you hear about all these crazy things being there on the land. It will be your curiosity that will tell you to go and explore that fully. 

What do the Playstation players do in this world?

Players that are the fox will face different situations and many dangerous monsters. After defeating every monster you will be rewarded with several things with the help of which you can upgrade the fox, the Armor the weapons, and everything that you have. 

Also, there is a story mode of the game and you will keep on knowing about different things, and different stories about the land, and trust us when we say it, the story is very compelling and unique. 

About lost legends about the history of this mysterious land which is now ruined but once was one of the richest places in every aspect. 

How did the idea of creating this game come into the mind of the developers?

The story of the beginning from where this game started to develop comes from the personal experience of the developers. The developer when he was young then internet games were not as popular as they are now. 

Not just internet games, the internet, in general, was not there in everyone’s home. So he wanted to recreate a thing that players can play offline and have that nostalgic feeling. And guess what this worked. 

People can relive the experiences that they had when they played such games in their childhood and the story is so compelling that the game is also attracting young players.


There is a big hype for the release of Tunic on PlayStation. We do not know how that will turn out to be but we are pretty sure that it will be good.

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