Ubisoft Working On Prince Of Persia: The Sand Of Times Again?

Ubisoft announced that there will be a remake of the game the Prince of Persia: The sand of times which was made quite a few years ago. This remake was first announced by the company in September 2021 and was set up for a release in January the year 2021. 

Then they delayed the release saying that it requires more time for them to polish the game and make it suitable for a game of today. So, the release date was bumped up to March 2021, but it was also a failed announcement. 

As of the most recent announcement, the company is planning on releasing the remake of this old classic between April in the year 2022 and the month is March 2023.

What is new in the remake?

The remake of this old classic is being worked on by the new teams of Ubisoft in Mumbai and Pune. These two teams are the ones who have full responsibility for developing the remake of this legendary game. 

It was announced by the company that the latest remake of Prince of Persia: The Sand of Times will feature a new character model, the latest created unique and advanced gameplay feature. 

The graphics of the game will also be improved as was said by the company and the voice performances were recorded again so that it goes with the new remake of the game.

After Ubisoft released the trailer of this remake, there were mixed reactions from the Prince of Persia gaming community. Some loved it and are excited to get to play the game and some criticized it judging by the trailer. 

The most common complaint from the lower ratings was that the graphics of the game is outdated. Suggesting that in 2022 people want more clear and real-life graphics. As a reply to the criticisms, the developers replied that the graphics are made that way intentionally and not out of laziness. 

They also said that they believe the type of graphics that have been given to the game is a very good one as it will go with the title and also give the users the best experience of playing the game.

What platforms are in line or is the game expected to be released on?

The company has announced that there will be several platforms on which the game will be released. PC is their main focus but side by side they are also creating versions of the game so that it can be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. 

This will help them increase the reach of the game and more players will be able to play their game on the preferred platform.


The legacy of Prince of Persia in the world of games is known to each and every one since their childhood. The whole gaming community is looking and eagerly waiting for the game to release so that they can live the moments that they have spent playing this game’s older version in their childhood.

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