How To Unlock Casey Jones In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge

The new big announcement about the game is that Casey Jones is going to be available in the game as a playable character and the main question is how you unlock it for playing.

Do you love pizza? Then, you might know about the game NINJA TURTLE. 

It has been a long time since the fans have experienced the essence of the pizza-eating Ninja turtle in a game. The pizza-eating turtles are now back again. 

With the release of this game, it is a very anticipated return as the fans were unsatisfied with how much they got in the arcade mode of the game previously. 

They were left wanting more from the franchise and now they are going to get it in the new game.

Certain things made these games special and why so many people loved them and a demo of the TMNT Shredder’s Revenge seems to have without any flaw captured that legendary essence of the game without. 

About the announcement

In the beginning, when the game was announced to be released by the developers, they mentioned that four turtles will be there as playable characters in the game.

Along with April’s Neil and Master Splinter who will also be playable characters in the game. 

This announcement made a stir in the community as fans were left wondering whether the best character of the game will be available as a playable character. The character we are talking about is Casey Jones

Well, just 1 week after the official release of the game it was announced by the developers that Casey Jones will indeed be available in the game as a playable character which the players have to unlock to play in the first place.

A brief introduction of Casey Jones

Casey Jones can be said to be one of the strongest characters to be played available in the game.

By being the strongest character we do not mean that it is very significantly better than the others but across the three statistics that is range, power, and speed it has a slight edge over the other characters overall. 

The other characters have a total of 6 stars overall whereas Casey Jones has a total of 7 stars. With 3 stars for Range, 2 stars for Speed, and 2 stars for Power.

This overall statistic can be incredibly helpful while you are trying to do one of the tricky challenges available in the game.

How to unlock the character?

Despite Casey Jones being one of the best characters available in the game the process of unlocking him is quite simple and not at all nearly as time-consuming as many players would like to think. 

It is so simple that you might be overwhelmed by the process. You have to play the 16-episode campaign of the game.

After completing the campaign a credit screen will appear. After the credit scroll is over Casey Jones will be available as a playable character in the game.

So, we have provided you with all the information about how to unlock Casey Jones in TMNT Shredder’s  Revenge. Enjoy playing your game. 

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