What Are The Gorilla Tag Mods?

Gorilla tag is a VR (Virtual Reality) multiplayer game where the players take a gorilla avatar and play tag on different maps. The gorilla tag mods are also there to enhance the user experience and offer additional flexibility.

It is a game where gamers can practice their movement, and skills and learn how to socialize with others.

There are different game settings available that offer ease of changing appearance. On top of that, you can get the additional spin with the help of tag mods available there.

Gamers can get numerous stream versions that begin with 5500 shiny rocks that are only available in the paid version.

Gorilla tag is a game that is available in two categories i.e. free and paid category. In the free version gamers get around 500 shiny rocks whereas paid version offers additional features.

On top of that, different mods are available to enhance the gaming experience. So it will be better to gain adequate information about it in the forthcoming points.

Gorilla tag mods: unravel some specific aspects regarding it

There are different types of VR games available but there is something different about Axiom gorilla tags. Users can play it on any device with cross-platform mobile compatibility.

On top of that, you can explore the perks related to the streaming and recording modes.

With this, they can play games and create content to share their skills and gameplay on the internet. The gorilla tag mods download is highly accessible as it is a game available for mobile users.

It is perfect for families with young children as it comes with two different game mods. The mods available there are highly useful and it comes in different range.

Users are allowed to select the admired one to get the listed perks and more.

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gorilla tag mods

What players can do with the gorilla tag mods?

With the help of gorilla tag mods you can:

  • Feel free to play custom maps along with the monke map loader.
  • Jump high with the space monke.
  • The rights to customize custom materials, hats, infected materials, and more with gorilla cosmetics.
  • By considering DashMonkeyou can dash wherever you look.
  • With MonkeSkies you can change the look of the sky.
  • Players can enhance their gorilla computer by noticing loaded mods and changing monitor POV and more with exquisite UI.

There are too many different options regarding mods are available. You can find them in the download category on the discord of gorilla tag modding.

How to get Gorilla Tag Mods on the Oculus Quest?

If you want to know How to get Gorilla Tag Mods on the Oculus Quest 2? Then you should play donkey kong in gorilla with oculus quest 2.

But some players have never played Oculus Quest and never played gorilla tag.

If you are one of those people then you should know it is a free-to-play game. Let’s uncover more about it at the points listed below.

Oculus question gorilla tag modding: 

Before beginning the modding process to turn your gorilla into an iron man or donkey kong there are certain aspects to know about it.

Playing with mods can affect your gameplay in public matches that might result in a permanent ban.

So, if you are consider to play with a gorilla tag mod try to use them to explore more regarding the game. Do not make it a habit as it can affect your gaming career.

But if you are playing this game just for fun then look forward to getting gorilla tag mods quest 2. 

Playing with such types of mods is possible if you get private hosting services. On top of that, cosmetic mods provide average results during public and private matches. 

  • In order to play with the gorilla tag mod you need to set up a PC or laptop.
  • It is not necessary to get a gaming laptop or PC as the modding process is highly accessible and simple. Gamers can easily install these mods and there is no need to consider getting assistance from somewhere else.
  • Once you are done installing quest patcher then start the application and connect your gaming setup (PC or laptop) to quest. In the headset, the quest might ask for a few permissions that allow your PC to access the quest and then you need to press allow.
  • Once you are done with everything then you should set up your screen and press patch my app and wait for process completion. You need to download some different mods for enhanced gameplay of the gorilla tag.
  • It is a remarkable source for gorilla tag mods that is available on discord. The discord community will help you to resolve any issue that you are facing.
gorilla tag mods

A list of gorilla tag mods and how to install them: 

Let’s take a deep dive into the listed aspects to discover more regarding remarkable addition to your gorilla tag game.

The mods are present in an extensive range and they are easy to download. But you should gain sufficient information regarding it before finalizing any mod. Numerous mods come with different features and facilities like:

Gorilla cosmetics: play the game however you want

Usually, gorilla tag mod lovers prefer gorilla cosmetics. Here you are enabled to select your skin material, colors, and headwear.

Therefore, you can become the king of swingers without any hassle. The gamers can treat themselves as royal and classy and might get a crown.

If you don’t like the color of it then pick up the admired one while getting texture variations.

The mods serve as an in-game mirror that allows you to select admired headgear and colors. There is a massive range of options available along with different styles and textures.

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Gorilla tag computer interface:

In order to install mods there is no need to have good skills as basic information is enough. Different mods offer a manageable downloading and installation process.

Still, if you are unable to get the desired things done then looking for the mod manager is a basic necessity.

The users are served with customized features that offer ease of making additional changes. On top of that, the computer interface gives users an advanced menu at the initial stage of the game.

It provides great control over the game that allows gamers to select mods that are already installed and toggle them.

It is a perfect way to damage the custom options. If you want to get perks associated with hats, colors, crowns, jump abilities, etc. Then the computer interface makes things easier.

It is allowing you to tailor game sessions in a desired way which makes it great stuff to prioritize.

Space monke: jump higher 

Here comes a mod that is not focused on the visuals. There are no custom choices or graphical changes that make it different from standard options.

Therefore, it is the one that is perfect for a gameplay mechanic that fundamentally changes the ways to play gorilla tag.

With the help of space monke, you can get the ability to jump higher. It might sound like a trivial change but it can completely change each level and traverse the space you are in.

This is a simple change that allows gamers to make some hilarious changes.

Gamers can rewrite a line of code and select how high they want to jump. The gamers are proficient in leaping hundreds of meters in the air without caring about the rest of the world.

gorilla tag mods

MonkeSkies: make changes in the sky

When you look up in the sky and notice the same sky box regardless of the game level that you are playing adding MonkeSkies is a great option.

It is a mod that allows gamers to place whatever picture they want in their game.

On top of that, they are competent in getting a 360-degree image that is used once installed. Here you need to look up notice fruits of labor.

The mod itself isn’t an original creation as it might be stolen from BeatSaber.

Therefore, if you notice there’s a lack of creativity then look for images for gorilla tag skyboxes.

On the internet, you can stumble across tons of different creations that are readily available for you.

Here you need to look for 4K quality pictures so you can enjoy the additional benefits of playing such an amazing game.

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Joker Menu v1.3

We are here with the one-stop-shop that is providing ease of selecting a variety of mods and cheats.

It is perfect to gain information regarding the game and experiment with different hacks.

There are too many options to choose from as you are spoilt for choices. The users are going to get the listed options and multiple others:

  • Speed boost
  • KickGun
  • InvisMonk
  • AirStrike
  • Sticky platforms


The gorilla tag mods are highly advantageous and fun to experiment with in different aspects of the game. It can help you to enhance your gameplay as well.

But if you want to participate in public matches then you should avoid using mods as it might lead you towards a permanent ban.

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