What FPS Games Need To Get Better In Call Of Duty?

How to be better in FPS?

We all have been growing up in the age of computers and mobiles and thus made us very much aware of games. Do you too like playing FPS shooting games? 

FPS? What the FPS stands for? 

The term ‘FPS’ stands for a first-person perspective. In games like this, the perspective of the player is the character that you are playing in the game, you play through the vision of that character. These games were very intense and required very fast reflexes and high-level control.

While growing up we may not have known about every game like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Project IGI series, and every game like that was actually an FPS shooting game. 

What makes you better than FPS games?

We all have wondered at some point while playing how we can get better at playing FPS games. Well, there are many ways to grow your skills, but some things are not in the hands of normal people.

That being said, the gene can be a great factor in the better performance of FPS players. Sometimes some genetic features can be a great advantage in many cases. 

The gene of having a fast reflex action is great to play an FPS game as the fights in the games are very intense and within a blink of an eye, you have to take the action or react to what your enemies are planning. 

So, if you want to perform better, then you need to improve your abilities first. In this article, we have shared a few tips on how can you be a better call-of-duty player. 

  • Understand the weakness of your own self first. There are many examples of streamers spending countless hours on stream and off-stream just trying to improve their aim. They are trying to do it without even knowing what is the actual reason behind their aiming being bad. That is the reason behind that their slow reflex or their inability to spot the enemy from a distance or their inability to make movements on the enemy in a proper way. To improve your aim you can take a look at all the different death replays in the game. This is a great way to understand your weakness while playing call of duty or any other FPS game. 
  • The sensitivity of your mouse should be checked, tried, and tested by you. We have seen most people being bad at FPS games just because they were playing on the default mouse sensitivity settings as set by the system. You should always check different sensitivity settings before you finalize what works best for you.
  • Positioning of your crosshair should be done by you as per your game style. Test every position possible before you decide the one best for you in this too. Also, the size of the crosshair can be customized so test that too.


In this way, you can not only better at Call of Duty but also any other FPS game that you want to play.

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