What Is Elden Rings In Convergence Mod?

Elden Ring is one of the newest games to have been making headlines in the gaming community. This was released in February of 2022 and the concept of the game is very interesting. 

The game includes a lot of different kinds of builds such as the Samurai, Prophet, Mage, Arcane, and strong features.

One of the main reasons why this game has gained popularity exponentially in just a few months is because of the extraordinary mods available in the game. 

Mods are a very vital factor in a game because these mods decide the increasing replayability of the game. In this article, we will discuss the still not released mod of the game that is the Elder Ring: The Convergence.

The chances of the mod being great

Out of every other game developing company the company that stands out with the best modding community is Software games, the developers of Elden Ring

Before Elden Ring, the developing company had a game released under the name Dark Soul. With a great and active modding community it turned into a franchise of its own which is known as the Dark Soul series

This series of the Dark Soul had received a lot of exciting and interesting mods, not just one or two times but a lot of times. Mods like the item randomizer, the Dark Soul 3 Cinders, and many more are very popular among the fans. 

So, we expect that this greatly active modding community will turn their attention to the Elden Ring and start working on the mods of the game.

Looking at the past performances of the mods of the Dark Soul we can pretty much guarantee that the mod coming for Elden Ring will be great and very entertaining for the players.

What is the Elden Ring: The Convergence mod?

We currently have no official information about how the mod will be presented to the players. Only the confirmation about a mod coming was given by Software Games.

If we have to assume what can be there then we had said that the mod will be similar to the Dark Soul 3 convergence mod and there will be certain parts of the game that will be worked on such as:

  • Modification of the maps

Looking at the convergence mod of Dark Soul 3 we can confirm that there will be a lot of modifications in the current map of Elden Ring. There will be new treasures, new enemy placements, new things to explore, and might even add a new map for keeping things fresh.

  • Improvement in the Covenant System

It has always been a big part of the games made by the Software games and with every mod of each game, they improve it so we are sure that there will be certain places where they will improve the covenant system to make the experience of the players even better.

  • New weapons and Armor

New weapons and Armor will surely be included in the mod so that players can experience things freshly and pick their new favorites in the game.


Overall, we expect the Elden Ring convergence mod to be even a better version of Elden Ring which was already a near-to-perfect experience.

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