What’s New In Furi Onnamusha DLC New Update?

Furi Onnamusha DLC is an extremely popular game all across the globe. The game has been around for quite a long time now. For the players, it was getting a bit stale with nothing new from the developers to offer.

That is the reason the developers had to do something for retaining the old players and keep them from leaving the game. Here, you will get to know about the updates, So, keep on reading. 

This came in the form of a new update which was released on the 17th of May 2022. The concept of the game when it was released for the first time in the year 2016 was way ahead of its time. It has extremely good graphics and the uniqueness of gameplay.

The gameplay is an action game but with a uniqueness of its own. The combination of heavy and intense bullet action with really fast-paced hand-to-hand combat gave an experience of extremely speedy boss rush experience to the players. 

It also has many characters which can be used by players and every character has a unique style and combat skills of their own. The playable characters are divided into different categories depending on their combat style, attitude, field of specialty, and many more things.

What new things are included in the DLC?

The new DLC version has added a whole new playable character with the latest concept. This playable character is the Onnamusha Rider who boasts about two stances and the players can switch between those two stances while playing the game. 

The two stances are totally different from each other. The first stance is high-speed movement and the second stance is extremely high raw power.

With these two different playstyles available for the players while playing with the Onnamusha Rider, they have a special star meter available for them which can help them create extra damage power or ability. 

However, you will find all the boss characters or all the villains that the players have to fight are the same as the older version. Though it does not take away anything from the new sense of discovery and a new sense of combat that the developers are trying to give us. 

Also, the developers have added a very unique kit in the arsenal of this new character and the players can use it in their own way while fighting which will help them keep the sense of revelation and the fresh feeling of playing the game again intact. 

In addition to this new playable character, the developers have also added an announcement about a free update that will be coming soon. This free update will let the new players of the game get the features of the older version of this game which is the One More Fight DLC.


So, these are all the things that are newly added in the latest version of the Onnamusha Rider DLC. We suggest that you play this game and you will be going to love this. 

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