What’s New In The Walking Dead: Last Mile?

Genvid Entertainment and SkyBound Entertainment are the two companies that have given us the legendary franchise that we know as Walking Dead.

For the gamers out there, walking dead is real emotion and it has been so for a long time. You can connect with it, right?

The games that the franchise has been so overwhelmingly well developed that you can barely hate this for anything.

And if you have been a fan of this franchise for a long time, then be ready to cry out of happiness. WHY?

Today we bring good news for you. The two developers have announced that they will be launching a new game under the Walking Dead banner. 

Yes, the game will be named Walking Dead: Last Mile. The developers have also announced some details about the game that is going to be released and nothing will make us happier than to talk about those details. 

What are the new things that will be there in Walking Dead: Last Mile?

The Walking Dead: Last Mile will either be a miss or a hit in our opinion. 

The developers have tried to do something totally different than is there with any other video game. The game is set in a virtual world where the players will have a character of their own.

The players will be able to experience this virtual world as well as the influence of that world in real time by playing the storyline or by driving the canon. 

The developers have revealed that the game is kept to be an interactive one with the user and because of this players will be able to choose what they want to do and how they want to do it and drive the story in a new direction which is spontaneous. 

Unlike other online real-time games The Walking Dead: Last Mile is going to put every user in the same virtual world creating a totally new and unique kind of experience for players who like to play real-time games.

The unique interactive concept of the game which was applied by GenVid is said to be a very unique approach. 

This technology in the game will help the player drive the storyline in whatever direction they want and they will also be able to be more experience in that world because they will be making their own choices and controlling the character as if it is them.

Where is the story of the game set?

The game’s story is set on the remote Alaskan Coast. But it does not set the story in stone. Players have the freedom of influencing the story by writing the new Walking Dead Canon.

This cannot be reloaded, rehashed, or rewritten just to suit the lives of the characters in the game and also as per their preferences. 

As it is for every other walking dead game the stake in the game is a do-or-die one. Facebook users will be the ones choosing who gets to live and who dies. 


The Walking Dead: Last Mile is expected to be a huge success because of the totally unique approach that the developers have shown toward the game. So, do not think twice before playing it. 

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